Welcome to Jedi Air Wear

Jedi Air Wear is a skydiving suit company based in the UK: we design, test and supply world class freefly suits and skydiving wear for everyday use. Our product line includes freefly suits, formation skydiving suits, winged camera jackets, two pieces suits, swoop pants and more. Quality is important to us, which is why we use the best sourced materials from around the world and use triple stitching as standard.

Check out all our tailor made skydiving wear on the products page. We also advertise stock suits on our facebook page.

Current Production Time:

Our current production time on all orders is three weeks.

Featured Video:

Jedi Air Wear's production team rips up the mountainside...

What You Get With Us

Our company is dedicated to getting you the highest quality skydiving suits whilst keeping our prices as low as we can. All of our suits have changed radically since our first production run. Here at Jedi Air Wear we want you to enjoy skydiving with our product. For us, that means constant improvements and testing extensively both in the sky and the wind tunnel. On top of that, we don't really think it's fair to charge for extras. So we don't! Go out there and have fun. It's what skydiving is all about.