Being a owner of skydiving suit & Gear store, founded for JediAirWear I had a  singular mission in mind: I wanted to provide others with Quality made Skydiving suits at honest prices.

I saw that mainstream gear companies offered products at high retail markups. The cost of the products alone meant skydivers spent most of their money getting dressed & equipped with something well over priced, & had little left over for their actual skydiving air sports adventure’s

Starting off it’s very hard & a lot of money is waisted on trailing suits & materials, suits breaking customers not happy & no seconded chances given, words travel fast the online portals & social media. (Bad products = a bad name) in the skydiving community. one of the hardest things to do is get people to come back to your products have been given a bad name, stick with it & prove to people your here for good, & we have..

We have been going now for over 9 years & things just keep advancing in the search for new materials designs through listening to customer & our Representative’s feed back.

Today, the company runs with a team of Rep’s Athletes testing the suit’s through ever aspect of air sports. I work on product design – build – materials , marketing & more — Constantly concentrating on  product testing durability,  who & how to showcase our products.

Since the COVID 19 virus has come around the world, we have lowered the cost of our suits to offer people a great deal on something we have built up to were it is now. Helping out with the world has seen us donate money to  planting trees for the future, via @visionairi  company owner Chris Sears is heavy involved.

Lately a new avenue we have gone into becoming a deal for some of the main stream skydiving & air sport companies which  we are heavy investing into market & sell all equipment from Parachutes speed wings helmets altimeters & the list goes on.

Jediairwear suits & Gear store will always offer you-

Excellent and reasonably priced product’s

Quality of the product’s

Design & look style



Thank you to all our Customers & lets see what the next 9 years brings


Nick Davison


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