CL FreeFly Suit

Freefly skydiving suit

CL Freefly Skydiving Suit

Our original “classic” freefly suit, the CL features fewer Lycra panels as standard, compared to our newer J2 FF suit.
The side panels allow for extra styling and colour coordination with your rig and gear.

A great all round suit for freeflying; comfortable, robust and flexible, good for learning to freefly and also for advanced skydiving pros. Suitable for the sky and the tunnel.

Our CL FF suit comes with lots of features as standard, including articulated 4-way-stretch Lycra joints, Cordura knees/butt for extra strength in high wear areas, and an inside pocket for your essentials.

Choose from a regular looser fit or a tighter suit with additional lycra on the arms and legs, and select your preferred collar and cuff style. Other optional extras include camera wings, mini grips and external pockets.

£240 + delivery

Freefly suit head down skydive

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