J2 Freefly Suit

FF Skydiving Suit

J2 Freefly Skydiving Suit

Designed for the freefly skydiver, whether you’re a pro or beginner.
Tested and proven performance in the air and wind tunnel, with excellent freedom of movement and comfort.

The J2 FF suit comes with lots of features as standard, including articulated 4-way-stretch Lycra joints, Cordura knees/butt for extra strength in areas where it’s needed, and an inside pocket for your phone and essentials.

In addition to selecting colours and pattens for your suit fabrics, you can choose from various design options, including a tight fit with added Lycra, ideal for extra speed in the tunnel and sky.

Add camera flyer wings for great stability when filming jumps, or choose mini grips if you want a more all-rounder suit.
You can also select your preferred cuff and collar style, and add external pockets if you need them.

£240 + delivery

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