Ozone OZO Speed Flying Harness


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The OZO is a reversible harness / backpack made from ultra-light- weight materials. It is designed specifically for use with Ozone’s range of modern lightweight wings, but can be used with any paraglider.


The two sizes of the OZO (26L & 33L) refer to the volume of the backpack compartment, and not to the harness dimensions, which are the same for both models. The flying harness is available in one size and fits most pilots comfortably. Choose the size of your OZO based on your equipment and its total packed volume. We recommend:

26ltr – XXLite 16 and 19; Ultralight 19, 21 or similar 33ltr – Ultralite 21, 23, 25 or similar

Before you first flight, we recommend you to hang the harness from a suitably strong suspension point and set it up ready for