Basic Student FS Suit


Basic Student FS Skydiving Suit

An all round beginner’s FS suit, ideal for any new jumpers who are learning the basics of formation skydiving. Great for DZ skydiving clubs to keep on hand for their AFF students.

Based on our FS bootie suit, it features strong fabrics and grips and a slick Nylon body, no booties though. 
The Lycra back, hips and forearms ensure the student has full movement and flexibility, and tough Cordura fabric knees and butt for the hard landings.

The long, low profile grips are sewn into seams for added strength. 

Like all our suits, the student suit features windproof zippers and an inside chest pocket.

Bulk discounts available for DZs wanting to stock up on student gear. Please get in touch.

£240 + delivery

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