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We always try to ensure the correct and proper functionality of this website, however sometimes issues can occur. In the event of any technical problems, please let us know by getting in contact, preferably via email.
We do not accept responsibility for any personal loses or harm incurred from the use of this website.

Our Products

Jedi Air Wear brand suits and garments are made to our set high standards and built to last. However, we do understand that there can occasionally be issues with any products, and we encourage our customers to tell us as soon as they are aware of any problem with their purchase.

We are not responsible for any loss, injury or harm that occurs from the use of our products, you use our manufactured and sold items at your own risk. Skydiving is a high risk sport, please always check your kit, including your suit for any wear or defects, before jumping.

Jedi Air Wear Suits Warranty

Our suits are covered by a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects.
For any problems beyond the warranty period, we are here to help, but there my be a small fee for any repairs.

Normal wear and tear on the suit is not covered, regularly sliding and skidding in on a light material may cause damage. Please also be careful not to snag materials on sharp edges in aircraft and around DZ’s, accidental damage is not covered by warranty.

Suit damage caused by use in wind tunnels will not be considered as manufacturing defects and is not covered. Tunnels will occasional have loose net wires and sharp edges that can catch and scrape any fabric. Please be cautious and use the supplied tunnel suits until you are in control flying off the net.

Your Privacy

We are thankful to all our customers and respect their privacy, we do not and will not sell any of their data or use it inappropriately. Your personal data may be in our systems if you have contacted us, created an account or made a purchase.
Please see our privacy policy for more details and contact us if you would like a copy of your data or to request removal.

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