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Jedi Team Athlete

I fell in love with the sport &  Started throwing my self into full time skydiving! 

Steve Simpson, 29, who did just that, right after his first jump. Just four years later he has amassed over 4,000 jumps, sponsored athlete & No 1 Rep for , Chief instructor for Drop Zone Denmark, a Sun Path rigger.

“I started skydiving on July 1st, 2016 as soon as I did my first skydive with a friend of mine Joby Chad. Knowing that this is want I wanted to do I started doing my accelerated Free Fall course and straight away fell in love with canopy flight. Having seen people canopy swooping around the parachutes centres & reading magazine’s & watching countless videos I was drawn to high performance landing side of the sport; I Began asking & looking on how to become a canopy pilot.  I took it step by step pushing through goal after goal and was noticed quickly for my achievements, I now compete in canopy piloting & I am truly in love with competition.\

Skydiving shorts

“It wasn’t always plain sailing though; I ran into a few snags such as running out of money quite quickly while living in a shed on a drop zone. Packing at DZs all the time & looking into other ways to fund my passion to jump, I was told from the beginning by certain people that I should not be doing what I’m doing, I’m going too quickly, the canopy your flying is too small, you should not do your instructor ratings yet because you haven’t got the time in the sport !!!! but I knew that I was going at my own speed & all I thought about was skydiving. I literally ate drank and slept jumping, the people that I had around me were incredible athletes and great friends that guided me in the right direction. “


What possibilities there are to work in the sport, and how best to follow in my footsteps, or a different path to your dreams…

XRW skydive

Jobs in skydiving

It’s easy to think that being an instructor is the only opportunity but there are lots of possibilities…. Not all companies are looking for big time people, when given the chance like I was, work hard stay loyal which in turn will open up lots more opportunities.


Tandem instructor

I love taking tandems seeing people’s emotions change from pure fear to pure ecstasy & watching each one reacts in a different way, realising that they can do it no matter what & can look back to that moment remembering that they have jumped out of a plane & is not so scary.


AFF instructor

Being an Accelerated Free fall instructor makes me very happy to introduce new skydivers into our fantastic sport, helping & watching them grow / progress into future instructors or athletes in our amazing world of skydiving


Chief instructor-   @Drop Zone Denmark

Camera flyer –        I have flow camera at UkParachuting / Go Skydiving / AUS / Skydive Uluru / & many more Drop Zones around the world 

Packer – Packed every parachute & on every floor going ha ha, Blood – Sweat – Tears Har work pays the bill’s & keep’s you jumping 

Rigger/Advanced Rigger

Furthering my career, I have since become the Chief Instructor / senior Rigger at Drop zone Denmark which was never really a goal for me until I was given the opportunity, I personally thrive under pressure but still refer to the Instructors that have guided me throughout my career & call up on them for any advice / guidance when needed

Hooking up with the wing suit guys

It probably would-be quicker naming some of the places around the DZ I haven’t worked…

  • DZ café / bar / kitchen
  • DZ office – 
  • Manifest – Been there seen it & done it 
  • Cleaning the sh@*ers
  • Mental Attitude staying positive on bad days.

 Follow your path and your dreams, no matter how bizarre they may seem to others, go at your speed which is suitable for your ability always keeping safety in mind. Surround yourself with great people who care about your dreams & listen to what people have to say even if you don’t like what they’re saying, take what you need to make your dreams become a reality.

I truly believe that if you work hard & commit to what you believe in you will achieve it people always say oh, he’s good coz he’s naturally talented or he’s good cos he’s rich none of these matters, (Hard work & Dedication). Stay humble, remember who your friends are & where you came from. Some people are naturals (Sky Ninjas) others have to work hard to achieve the same objectives in life, keep pushing stay focused you will get what you want.

pond landing

I came from nothing and have built my life around my dreams after all this is a journey not a destination, this is a sport where you will never stop learning. Go for it!  Respect the chances you are given; I was set on by Nick Davison @jediairwear & have not only become the main Rep for the company have now took on a new role as a ambassador / Athlete

About the Author

Bio – Steve Simpson

  • United Kingdom
  • 29 years old
  • Chief Instructor
  • Drop Zone Denmark
  • Jedi Air Wear Rep
  • Sun Path Rigger
  • Sponsored Athlete

I am also sponsored Athlete for some of the top manufacturers such as  who was the first company to see something in me giving me a chance & a start to prove myself, then from there on Cookie helmets, Performance designs, Alti 2 Europe, Sun path Products & Cypress, all gave me the opportunity represent them as a sponsored Athlete.


The above manufacturers produce the best equipment in skydiving which not only looks & feel’s good but helps me be the best I can be. Thank you to them all


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