jEDI AIR WAER haS been working with VISIONAIRi team every TFX helmet that has been sold we have donated the commission to planting tree’s for the future.


A bit of an update. . .

We hope all is good and you and you families have had a great summer.

What’s in this blog?

  • A bit about how the #1jump1tree is growing
  • Can we make 100k trees this year?
  • Next year’s plans jumping wise.

The #1jump1tree Community

We are super pleased to have reached 88,738 trees for Trees for the Future, without you and your donations this would not have been possible, so thanks again.

These donations have not been just by individuals donating for the jumps they have been doing, but by teams, manufactures and individuals involved in the sport in many different capacities: from riggers to competition organisers.  We still finding it very humbling that people have and continue to donate towards #1jump1tree and we are excited to see the community keep growing.

You can find out more about what Trees for the Future have been up to in 2021 in their Impact Report and how they have been using our donations.

We are still committed to ensure 100% of your donations goes to

The cost per tree, currently $0.10, is staying fixed until the end of 2021 after which are increasing the cost to $0.25 per tree.

We feel this is still the one of the best options out there and are excited to continue our partnership with them whilst continuing to investigate more options for offsetting.  We have some exciting prospects in the UK which we continue to investigate, and fingers crossed in the next year or so will see some of them come to fruition.

More information can be found on our website and by clicking on the donate button.  Although there is an increase in the cost per tree in 2022 we will continue to donate 15 trees for every item of merchandise bought, check out what we have in stock, and donate 3 trees for every jump made at one of our events.

Can we make 100k trees this year?

In short . . .YES

We truly believe that we can reach our target of 100k trees by the end of the year which would be incredible but we can’t do it without you.

If you would like to join to community and help towards reaching this, please click on the donate button and we will send you the information of how to make the donation.

Next year’s plans jumping wise

We are planning on a few events for next year, starting off in Spain, then back to the UK for the spring and summer and then of course to Hungary for HeliFun2022 towards the end of August.

Exact dates and locations are being finalised in the coming weeks and will get them out as soon as possible.

We are really looking forward to flying with all and hope you have a brilliant winter.

If you would like more information about anything or have any questions, as always, please shout.

Thank you & see you all soon.