Tonfly 2.5X Camera Helmet

This helmet has been thought for video-photographers who mount a photo camera on top and a GoPro camera on front.

Manufactured in carbon fibre composite to be strong and light, with attention to details and functionality.

Please contact us if you have any questions as there are many complicated options. The lead times vary but are often 4-8 weeks. Please get in touch for the current lead times.


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    Optional TF Pro Mount. You can put and take away a camera from the helmet very easily and quickly.

    You can have different mounts or brackets to configure your helmet.



    Shell:  Metal Beige – Glossy

    ChinCup:  Metal Violet – Glossy + Cutaway System

    Ratchet Straps:  Hard – Black

    Ext. Audible Port:  White – Right side

    TF Pro Mount: Yes

    Standard Logo Colors:  Lavender & White

    Camera Mount:  2,5X GoPro Braket Photo Camera Base Plate.



    Shell:  Metal Violet – Matt

    ChinCup:  Metal Beige – Matt + Cutaway System

    Ratchet Straps:  Hard – Black

    TF Pro Mount: No

    Standard Logo Colours:  Fawn &White

    External Audible Ports are available in different colours.