PWR Formation FS Suit


PWR - Formation Skydiving Suit

The PWR FS suit, designed for powerful and responsive flying, so you can get the most out of your bootie suit and turn up the speed when you need to. 
Made from strong, light and flexible fabrics, with a strong focus on comfort, great for those who are in their suit all day.

Big, tough grips are well positioned and stitched strategically to help ensure they last, even with all the grabbing and wear that can come with FS flying. Double arm grips option available. 

Comfortable and flexible, with Lycra in the right places and allowing great range of movement. The PWR FS suit features ballistic Cordura bootie soles and fronts. While other areas are Taslan, including the backs of legs and butt, as standard. Cordura fabric butt is a no-fee swap option.

The suit features low profile knee pads as standard.
Optional extras include leg pockets, double arm grips and looser fitting nylon arms, to help with slowing your fall rate.

£240 + delivery

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